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This RPG uses only the browser to create a vast world. The power of html tables allow us to create a graphical online rpg that is fast, and vivid. The only requirements are a browser and patience. As the world grows, it's possible for the code to move slower and we ask your patience. This game truly is an inspiration to those who want to play games at work on a simple web browser. The RPG featured has certain placement graphics from Delta Tao's ClanLord. These are not meant for distribution, but for examples. You can change the style to a Diablo-type RPG, or an anime rpg, or something completely different such as a space RPG. The project, including the layout, is open ended. The first couple of releases are to get public interest. The code is not the best. When we have a stable release we will mark the download. The only admin at this time is Adam.Atomical.


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